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Roofing Copper

The benefits of modern, high grade roofing copper are not only available for our prestigious buildings, but can be utilised for a wide variety of business and residential premises; and is equally in demand for both new and restoration projects.

The natural beauty of copper adds impact and flare which cannot be duplicated by any other roofing product.
Copper Cladding
Ease of Use
Copper is easy to work with, has less health and safety issues and is substantially lighter than the majority of other metal roofing products which reduces the risks, particularly when working at height.

Exceptionally long life span
Copper is a durable product that protects itself by forming a patina that ensures an exceptionally long product life span of 100+ years. It is this patina that gives copper its distinctive look as it ages. When supplied new roofing copper has a bright, rich and shiny finish but in a matter of months this transforms to an intense, earthy shade. Over the coming years, depending on the atmospheric conditions & geographical locations, it will develop the distinct green patina we associate with traditional copper roofs.
Roofing Copper

Maintenance free

Copper does not require paint, will not corrode and if damaged the protective patina will reform naturally. This makes copper roofing particularly suited to areas that are difficult or dangerous to access after completion. Its durability and resistance to corrosion makes copper suitable for use in virtually any atmospheric conditions.

Freedom of style and design
Roofing copper is an exceptionally versatile product that can be used in a variety of different situations as it can be easily formed into almost any shape. Copper can be used in long strip roofing methods, cladding and all traditional applications, giving the designer almost limitless possibilities.

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Roofing copper is available in many sizes and tempers. We also offer bespoke coil lengths from stock with our cut to length line, helping to reduce scrap, cross welts and time on site. Fixing strip is also available ex-stock.

For new clients, please order via our UK distributor:
Please contact Steve Rudd at Metal Solutions
Tel: 0845 680 8412 / Email:

Roofing copper cut to size

Please phone, fax or email your order direct to our sales team (See contact us).

ROOFING COPPER - in accordance with EN1172
Width Length Length Thickness Temper
600 mm 15 Metre 30 Metre 0.6 mm Half Hard / Quarter Hard / or Soft Temper
670 mm 15 Metre 30 Metre 0.6 mm Half Hard / Quarter Hard / or Soft Temper
750 mm 12.5 Metre 25 Metre 0.6 mm Half Hard / Quarter Hard / or Soft Temper
900 mm 10 Metre 20 Metre 0.6 mm Half Hard / Quarter Hard / or Soft Temper
1000 mm 10 Metre 20 Metre 0.6 mm Half Hard / Quarter Hard / or Soft Temper

Fixing strip 50mm x 0.6mm x 20M coils

EN1172 Specification CU-DHP 99.9% Bright Traditional Mill Finish

Weight per metre square - 0.6mm thickness / 5.4Kg per Metre Square