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Lead-Loc Plumbing Fittings

CuBrAlco is pleased to stock and distribute the complete range of Lead-Loc plumbing fittings from Melimatic Ltd.

Lead was used extensively in plumbing and is still therefore a concern for plumbers working with old buildings. As lead is no longer allowed to be used for potable water supply the best solution is to remove it and replace with copper, but this is not always practical or possible and there may be situations where a connection from an existing lead pipe to copper or plastic pipe needs to be made.

Lead-Loc is the market leader in lead pipe connector plumbing fittings specifically for this purpose.

Lead-Loc Plumbing Fittings

Lead-Loc plumbing fittings held in stock include:

Original Lead-Loc Plumbing Fittings (to Copper Compression)
Lead Pipe Outer Diameter x Copper Pipe  Standard Lead Pipe Diameter Part Code
3/8" 5lb Lead x 15mm Copper 0.743" |  18.87mm C1001
1/2" 6lb Lead x 15mm Copper 0.873"  |  22.17mm C1002
1/2" 7lb Lead x 15mm Copper 0.918"  |  23.32mm C1003
1/2" 9lb Lead x 22mm Copper 1"  |  25.4mm C1004
3/4" 9lb Lead x 22mm Copper 1.152"  |  29.62mm C1005
3/4" 11lb Lead x 22mm Copper 1.233"  |  31.06mm C1006
Original Lead-Loc+ Plumbing Fittings (to MDPE)
Lead Pipe Outer Diameter x MDPE Pipe  Standard Lead Pipe Diameter Part Code
1/2"7lb Lead x 20mm MDPE 0.918"  |  23.32mm DP2001
1/2"6lb Lead x 25mm MDPE 0.873"  |  22.17mm DP20026
1/2"7lb Lead x 25mm MDPE 0.918"  |  23.32mm DP2002
3/4"11lb Lead x 25mm MDPE 1.233"  | 31.06mm DP2003
Original Push-Loc Plumbing Fittings (MDPE to Copper Compression)
MDPE Pipe x Copper Pipe  Part Code
20mm MDPE x 15mm Copper D3001
25mm MDPE x 15mm Copper D4001
25mm MDPE x 22mm Copper D4002
25mm MDPE Stop End D4003
25mm MDPE Straight Connector D4004

View our full range of Lead-Loc Plumbing Fittings by downloading our current catalogue from our contact us page.

Alternatively please contact our sales office direct to discuss your requirements.

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